For the passed few weekends Kjerstin and I have been working with the JW Marriott in their Luxury Los Angeles, CA and Scottsdale, AZ locations. They launched their #ADifferentEveryDay campaign to showcase how the JW Marriott is truly different than the rest (and even from each other); from the friendly staff to the incredible cuisine and to the overall lifestyle. We were excited when they reached out because luxury is something we haven't had much of since we are usually sleeping in cars, tents and sleeping bags — which there is nothing wrong with, but ask any veteran car camper and they'll tell you the toll it takes after a few days.

That said, full body massages, drinks poolside, and steak dinners all for the sake of "work" sounded like the perfect chance to experience a few luxuries we don't get when sleeping on the road.

LA LIVE - Los Angeles, CA

First stop. They flew us out to the LA LIVE location for 3 days to hang out right in the heart of downtown. Surrounded by the energy of the city, the views from our 16th floor corner room was perfect for eating breakfast while watching the sunrise over the LA skyscrapers and watching the sunset over the Hollywood sign in the afternoon.

We sat and watched the hundreds of people walk the streets below us. Eventually joining them.

We spent one full day hunting down a few locations from our favorite movie, 500 Days of Summer. 

We ate breakfast in bed on our last day, followed up by hanging out around the rooftop pool after receiving our first full body massages - which was incredible by the way. 

The JW Marriott + ION staff really went above and beyond making us feel right at home in a new city.

- KJ

CAMELBACK INN - Scottsdale, AZ

Next stop. The second weekend JW Marriott flew us out to Phoenix to head to their secluded Camelback Inn location backed up to the Camelback Mountains in Scottsdale. This resort wasn't like the tall skyscrapers you would imagine Marriott Hotels to be.

The Camelback Inn was comprised of gorgeous adobe styled suites surrounded by beautiful desert landscaping.

Apparently the resort was Marriott's first resort. It has apparently existed since 1936. It was originally owned by Jack Stewart and John C. Lincoln. The resorts popularity amongst many celebrities and political leaders made it iconic for Scottsdale's city growth.

Early guests included many celebrities and business leaders, including Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis, and J.W. Marriott, Sr., who shared the Stewart's love for Camelback Inn. Then the Marriott family established the Camelback Inn as their first resort. 

BUT enough with the history lesson— my time there I was entranced with the cactus and succulent gardens. 

We ate at the Lincoln (I presume named after John C. Lincoln) which has the most amazing steak I've ever had which I'm pretty sure sets a high bar for the rest of my life. I had a 40 day ages dried sirloin, KJ had salmon.   

Before we came to the resort, I knew that I would have a chance at a full body massage again. The one at LA LIVE was amazing, but I felt like I under utilized the experience because I wasn't sore like I normally am at the climbing gym. I made sure to prepare myself this time by climbing at the bouldering gym everyday for 6 days straight before leaving. 

KJ and I had been split up after breakfast to have our own private massages. I had the aromatherapy Swedish massage which was amazing. I had this strong woman that had apparently worked on climbers before and had a routine worked out. Which in short made me feel as good as new.