....is an InfluencerAgency. Short and simple. Influencer Agencies are collective groups that connect Social Media Influencers (like me) to company's, brands, and non profits to create ads or visuals that represent the brands with the best experience possible. Social Influencer Marketing is a new wave of marketing that is more efficient and productive for all parties involved. 

Why is this significant? Just watch this Video by Casey Neistat about creatives today.  

  • Example: Commercial costs for an ad on TV these days is highly expensive. Between production costs, field time, and airtime - a company or business will spend about $5,000-$10,000 entirely for a well received ad that gets muted by the average consumer.  
  • BUT with a social influencer,  you pay for the production at half value plus the Influencer Agency for finding a great fitting Social Media Influencer for an artistic ad that is engaged with by followers and potential consumers genuinely and at a value that ranges at a significantly cheaper cost. 

The problem with this field market is that it's only been around for the last 5 years. It is so new and such uncharted territory, there's many Influencer Agencies out there that represent horribly, or don't find the right Influencer or are just in it to make money off of honest art. 


Every job I've worked with Collectively Inc. has been a career favorite. They've worked with me since the beginning of my career and has worked with me since. When they first reached out I had 25K on Instagram and they had me come out to a letter press event to photograph and Document the event as well as be a part of. Until that time I had only worked a few jobs and had no idea what to expect. Collectively was very professional and created this amazing experience where I had an amazing time. Easily one of the best experiences in my Career with an Agency.

I was hoping it wouldn't be lat last and it wasn't.  

But now at 117K, Collectively Inc. gave me what I consider to be the most notable job I've ever been a part of, working with PATAGONIA for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Initiative

Collectively Inc. reached out to me after they knew I had been to Alaska before and asked if I cared about the topic of environmental conservation. After Reply that I had they were keen to get me and others involved on this project to protect the Arctic Wildlife Refuge from Arctic Drilling. 


I took part in sharing photos from my previous travels and traveled up again to Anchorage and Healy, AK to get new content to share and promote as well.   

Needless to say, it was a cause I was glad to feel apart of and happy to have served. An opportunity of which I wouldn't have received without COLLECTIVELY INC. 

Either way as a member of the #CollectivelyCommunity I'm excited for their new Website and to share their growth as an Agency just as they've helped my growth as a Social Media Influencer.